Incredible Maharashtra

History of Incredible Maharashtra

  Shahaji's son, Shivaji, born at the Shivneri fort on February 19, 1630, was the creator of the Maratha nation. He united the Maratha chiefs from Maval, Konkan and Desh regions and carved out a small kingdom by defeating the alien powers. He stabilized the state with effective civil and military administration and adopted a policy of religious tolerance to accommodate all religions and sects in his state. He was the first Maratha Chhatrapati (ruler) to start the Raj Shaka (royal era) and issue the gold coin, shivarai hon - on the occasion of his coronation (1674). His premature death at the age of 50 (April 5, 1680) created a vacuum.

Historians regard Bajirao I the founder of Greater Maharashtra, because it was under his reign that Maharashtra became the centre of Indian politics. During his short career, he established Marathi supremacy in the Deccan and political hegemony in the North. His son, Balaji (1740-1761) succeeded him and expanded the Maratha borders to Attack (Punjab). The Peshwas thus became the de facto rulers of Maharashtra, and Pune became the centre of Maratha politics.

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